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BIRKENHEAD. Flaybrick Memorial Gardens.

As you head out of Birkenhead towards Bidston and the road starts to climb, a short way down to your left you will find Flaybrick Memorial gardens, formerly Flaybrick Cemetery.

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SNAPSHOT. Sheffield Shuffle, Pausing For Food.

S So far so good, Mr Bluesky hasn’t turned up yet but Mr. Rainyday is also absent. I haven’t been to Sheffield in a while so there’s always the acclimatization period while I wander around more aimlessly than normal while I remember where everything is. See what’s still around and what’s disappeared. I like a town or city that still has the quirky, off the beaten track corners. Sheffield has […]

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SNAPSHOT. Liverpool. Homeward Bound.

Like the man said, I’m sitting at a railway station, got a ticket for my destination etc. Paul Simon hitting the nail on the head for that limbo feeling the rail traveller can experience in between trains. I understand the song was written on a tour of the UK, think it’s Farnworth station, now Widnes (?) Where the commemorative plaque is. Must go looking a some point. I should know, […]

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