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SOUTHPORT. A Winter Walk.

The Big Wheel, waiting like a stopped clock for the sunshine to return.

Winter still has everywhere in a less than friendly grip, the grey days are dragging on. To get out and have have a shot of fresh, if cold air. I took myself off to Southport for a couple of hours. The sun wasn’t making much effort to break through but a walk around the town and a bite to eat would help to jolly the system up until the warmer weather stages a comeback.

The nearest thing to sunshine I saw all day.
Always on the lookout, you never know, someone might drop their chips.

Three or four hours was enough time to stretch the legs, fill the lungs and treat the digestive system. The light levels never rose much above grey, not fifty shades of them, it was far too cold for that. Anyway I’d topped myself up for the next few days. It’s the time of year where I leapfrog from weekend to weekend, fingers crossed for a patch of blue sky or at the very least a lighter shade of grey in the sky.

Currently close for Winter maintenance, it won’t be too long before the beguiling smell of donuts and chips will be floating around again.

The end of the pier, with Blackpool Tower looking on from the distance.
Keeping moving and keeping warm, through the King’s Gardens and on to Lord Street.
Across the bridge and over the Marine Lake to the prom.
A lovely treat in Cranberry’s Cafe in the Cambridge Arcade, I haven’t had a plate of kedgeree in ages and this was a perfect cold weather lunch, with just the right balance of spice and smoked fish.

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