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SNAPSHOT! Birkenhead, A Walk In The Park.

A rare camera shy squirrel.

It’s been an odd week, nothing drastic or bad, just oddly uncooperative, like trying to run up the down escalator. It’s possible but tricky and time consuming.

Anyway rather than bounce around the house like a grumpy ping pong ball I have come out and onto the Wirral, over the water from Liverpool. It’s not a long journey but long enough to relax and watch the world go by.

The boathouse on the lake.

First stop was Birkenhead Park, a few minutes walk from the Merseyrail station of the same name. It’s a decent way to unwind, following the various paths that wind through the grounds. Also if you are eating anything you will have plenty of furry and feathered friends keeping you company.

If you’re feeling really energetic ( no I wasn’t )
Just so you know how to get there.
A walk in the woods.

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