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WESTON POINT. Christ Church, built to ese the souls of dock workers and crews. Sadly now out of use. It could make a useful heritage centre.

If any of you out there are fans of industrial archaeology then I would recommend to put a cruise down the Manchester Ship Canal on your “To Do” list. The canal is still operational and it’s present owners have expansion plans for its use. I sailed form the Pier Head at Liverpool along it’s length to the docks at Salford, now skilfully disguised as Salford Quays and the Media City. A lot of the industry is still functioning but here and there against the constant flow of modernisation and expansion corners and remnants from the canal’s opening in 1894 still remain, as do tantalising fragments from the clutch of smaller canals that preceded it and were absorbed by the building of this late Victoria behemoth.

Treat yourself, it’s a gentle way to sail through part of the industrial history of North West England.

Manchester Ship Canal, refinery metalwork bubbling away like a child’s oversized chemistry set.

Dredger at rest.

Wheels, chains and timber, these things a lock gate is made from.

A warning from the past still on the job in the present.

Barton Road bridge, both a bridge and a canal, it carries the Bridgewater Canal over the Ship Canal.

Calling the world and possibly beyond, satellite dishes serving the nearby ITV tv studios relocated from the iconic buildings on Quay Street in Manchester city centre.

Not the prettiest of subjects, no rolling hills, no sparkling vistas but as valid in their own way as the ruins of ancient Rome.

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