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SANKEY VALLEY. The Wood Wide Web.

Sunlight and shadows filtered through the trees.

I’ve just stumbled across these images, they were taken on a Spring day walk through the Sankey Valley Country Park. I’ve posted about it before, it follows the course of the Sankey Valley Navigation. A river with some of the kinks removed as opposed to a purpose built new channel. Actually if you look into the history of it by the time the builders had finished they has actually more or less done the latter and had to go back to Parliament and sort of confess.

Woven threads through branch and bough.

As you walk along today you will see sections where the two channels diverge and reconnect, sadly there are large sections no longer in water, though plans to renovate the waterway are mentioned and there is a Friends Of organisation, as yet as you walk the towpath it’s only your imagination that will see the possibilities.

Come into my parlour etc…………

t was on one such walk that I came across this carpet of webs strung all through the trees like the beginning of a fairy/horror story. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the eight legged ones I could only pause in wonder and admire the effort that must have gone into mounting this display.

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