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SNAPSHOT! Glasgow, To Partick & Back.

St. Enoch Subway station, AKA the clockwork orange.

Right, you join me as my train home speeds through the Scottish Borders under evening skies growing leadend with grey clouds. It’s been another great day out, catching up with my good mate Gareth the G-Man.

To ease the getting about we used the Glasgow Subway ( mode of transport not a sandwich chain ) and travelled out to Partick in the west of the city. It’s an interesting stretch, the businesses are smaller scale than the city centre chains. The corner cafes and bakeries are thicker on the ground.

We started to head back to the city centre, taking in Byres Road with it’s spread of indie Coffee houses before taking a turn around the Botanic Gardens and the Kibble Palace.

The Kibble Palace.

After these exertions food was the next stop. A walk down the Great Western Road brought us to Urban West and a stacked pile of Lorne sausage, black pudding, fried egg and potato scone filled us up nicely.

Exhibit A, filled rolls.
We also did cannoli.

After that it was a walk down to the Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum before taking a walk along Sauchiehall Street and back into the city centre.

Art and OTT elegance
Heads up.

A break was made at the Counting House on George Square, curry time. Then it was a last walk around before heading back to the station and a goodbye. Roll on the next catch up !!

A lively beef madras.
Evening gathers in over Glasgow and the River Clyde.

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