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SNAPSHOT! Liverpool. Waiting At Liverpool Central.

Platform 1 on the Northern Line at Liverpool Central.

Okay is Saturday, I’ve been redecorating most of the week so I need a change of scene that doesn’t involve bare plaster or piles of soggy old wallpaper.

Liverpool’s Central station lies on the bones of it’s predecessor of the same name. That station provided services by the Cheshire Lines Committee, running across through Manchester and into Yorkshire.

This modern incumbent is home to services from Hunts Cross in the south of the city, under the city centre in a purpose built tunnel , to connect up with the old Lancashire & Yorkshire Rly routes to Southport, Ormskirk/Preston and Kirkby/ Manchester. There are two very irritating physical gaps in the rails, at Ormskirk and at Kirkby. So onward journeys involve hopping off one train and trotting up the platform to wait for another. Not very joined up.

Liverpool Central, is also home to the Loop, which carries services from the Wirral, under the Mersey, around the city and back out again. Like a layer cake the platform for these sits even further underground. The whole show is run by Merseyrail, with Cameo appearances by other train operators like Northern Rail and Wales’ TfW.

It’s market day in Ormskirk, always worth a look and if conditions permit I might make it to Preston where there is a bar I wish to investigate…

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