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GLASSON DOCK. Blue Skies & Sunshine.

GLASSON DOCK. The Dock. Moored trawler and sailboat Maud Raby.

It’s been an odd day, one of those that starts out well but then meanders off like a bicycle with a bent front wheel and a flat rear tyre.

Somehow, on top of the jobs I’d sketched out for the day I’ve managed to assemble a set of shelves, twice. Don’t ask as well as stripping one bedroom wall of its wall paper. That started out with the well worn phrase “ I’ll just check this corner”. Next thing I know I’ve a walls worth of paper to bundle up and get rid of. Looks like a visit to the local dump has been added to my To Do list for tomorrow.

GLASSON DOCK. The Dock. Moored trawlers.

Think I’ve done enough for today, so lets go and sit somewhere peaceful and watch the world go by.

Have you ever been to Glasson Dock? It’s a quaint little place, it sits at the Morecambe Bay end of the Lancaster Canal. The canal ran from Preston up to Kendal in Cumbria with the branch out to the sea at Glasson Dock. In time the railway arrived from Lancaster to supersede the canal but that closed in the nineteen thirties I think. The trackbed is now a footpath back into the city. That walk has been pencilled onto my targets list for this year, I’ll be waiting for the warmer weather though.

GLASSON DOCK. The Lune Estuary. Fishing.

There’s still a bit of commercial activity going on at the dock but the marina is largely filled with pleasure craft now. It’s a place to sit, stretch your legs for a while and then sit again. Relaxing, watching the wildlife skitter about, grab a bite to eat and perhaps watch the sun come down in a display of gentle pyrotechnics.

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