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SNAPSHOT. Blackpool. A Quick Black & White tour.

Hive, great coffee and great toasted teacake ( see header pic )

Not been out to the Lancashire coast for a while, thought I’d do something about it while the sunshine was still here and to get some fresh air after the weeks heat waves.

Looking like something out of War of the Worlds the light displays march down Birley Street

The weather was a bit uninspiring when I arrived but the breezes soon chased the clouds away and as always Blackpool soon came to life.

A Blackpool entertainment institution.

I had my coffee and teacake as mentioned then took the tram up to Fleetwood, I broke my journey at Cleveleys for some delicious, old style, homemade steak pie and chips.

I will start the diet another day….

I like to relax a bit in Fleetwood, Blackpool itself can get a bit full on, especially at the moment.

Bustling Cleveleys
A corner noted in Fleetwood for future reference. Books and coffee….. heaven.
My trusty steed for the day.
Blackpool aristocracy, the North Pier. ( Geddit??)

So that’s a quick look at the day so far, need a quiet corner before the journey back.

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