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Studio Days – Tony

My normal photography interests are transport, architecture and travel though occasionally a chance comes along to do some portrait work.  I got to know Tony, above, when he worked in a coffee bar I used to  use. He also has an interest in photography and has gone on to complete a graphics course at University and I believe is now setting himself up in a freelance capacity.  My ‘studio’ was very basic, a couple of sheets hung from the walls and lit by a single floodlight. While it was a basic set up it did prove very useful and gave me useful pointers towards a future set up which I’m in the middle of putting together. 

I found Tony an excellent model to work with, he had a clear idea of what image he wanted to put across which made the whole process more rewarding and collaborative, with ideas going back and forth between the pair of us. 

As for the props, the jeans were Tony’s own and the riding boots were a pair I picked up in a charity/thrift shop. I find quite a lot of ‘things’ this way and I have props box under a desk which I have to clear out from time to time. Is this  something which afflicts other photographers?  An innocent walk or shopping expedition turns into a hunting trip as more and more objects catch my eye and I can’t leave them behind. 

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