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SNAPSHOT! Eyam, September Sheep Roast.

I was out and about in Derbyshire and after a brief food stop in Bakewell I headed up to the plague village of Eyam. In an echo of things to come they isolated themselves after an outbreak of the Black Death was brought into the town in a flea infested roll of cloth brought up from London. Of happier note they have an annual celebration inspired by the Festival of […]

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SNAPSHOT! Blackpool, Evening Along The Prom.

I finished off my day with a walk along the Promenade. Even on a “brisk”March evening with a cold, lazy wind that cut through you rather than go around Blackpool’s perpetual party atmosphere was already bubbling. I was traveling back from Blackpool South railway station, a half forgotten fragment tucked away at the bottom of Waterloo Street, not as upmarket as the North station but it’s single platform is a […]

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SNAPSHOT! Fleetwood, On The Market.

The day continues with a drop in at Fleetwood Market. Like all markets the last couple of years have not been the easiest. The place had a buzz about it, the decent weather ( at last!) helped, plus I think that traditional markets attract a certain amount of affection and loyalty because people know what they are, a social hub as well as a place to shop. There’s a continuity […]

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