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SNAPSHOT! Lancaster, Riding The 555Bus.

Hello, it’s a sunny day up here in the north west of England and you find me on the top deck of a Stagecoach 555 bus. I’m heading up to the Lakes, possiblity Keswick, to grab some autumn sunshine and fresh air. The days are slowly shortening, the sunlight is running for cover just that little bit sooner each day, so it’s time to stock up on the day out […]

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SNAPSHOT! Oxenholme, Waiting On A Nighttime Station.

The day had been going well, however a couple of transport glitches means I’m at Oxenholme station waiting for a train down to Lancaster. No point in getting ratty about it, it is what it is. Anyway there’s something a bit magical about a railway out in the countryside in the evening. The local wildlife begins to take over the station as those dratted humans beggar off out of the […]

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