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SNAPSHOT! A Saturday Afternoon In The Park.

The very grand entrance to Birkenhead Park.

Though the day is cool the sun is here so I’m out to make the most of it. Nature is sparing with is scraps of decent weather at this time of the year so it’s wise to get out when you can.

The elegant boathouse on the lower lake.

My travels have brought me to Birkenhead, it’s a short journey, the best to make the most of the short days.

I had a walk through the market then up to the imposing entrance to the Park. It’s a big green lung for Birkenhead, it also served as inspiration for New York’s Central Park.

The Swiss Bridge, spanning an arm of the Lower Lake.

The sunlight has chased out a mist from the trees and grass, lending the landscape a muted, impressionist feel. There’s plenty of people about but there’s peace and quiet to be found without much effort.

Sunlight adds a softening glow to the scene.

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