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SNAPSHOT. Wrexham. A Wander Around.

Sculpture on the street.

Okay, things sorted and making my way back to the station. The weather is turning a bit unfriendly, dark clouds are gathering overhead like Macbeth’s witches.

I have a liking for Wrexham, it’s a little bit careworn in places so it hasn’t been completely scrubbed clean of any character or the tucked away corners the I like exploring.

The sort of sign that has TV antique collectors & restorers reaching for their wallets.
The General Market looking sturdy in brick.
The Central Arcade.
Inside the Butcher’s Market.
Very tempting.
The Cafe de Galles. A very pleasant place to while away an hour or so
So yes, I had a latte and a toasted teacake. Wanna fight me for it?

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