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Wednesday on my Mind.

Right it’s Wednesday, the first one in December so the clock is ticking away louder now as the year tumbles its way towards 2016. I’ve worked my way through a lot this year and I’ve set myself up with more to do next year. The ebooks I started to putting together this year have been progressing well, plus I’ve started on producing a print-on-demand stream of books, trickier to get my small and easily filled brain around but again progress is being made. On balance I’m getting happier with the career choice I made after a major personal upheaval, go back to what I was doing before or strike out and commit myself to converting what had always been a well used hobby into something more substantial.  It wasn’t a decision taken lightly but it was a case of if not now, then when.  

The picture above is from a poster for the film ‘The Sugarland Express’ which I caught on TV this last week. It was entertaining and a bit of work with ‘that’ search engine told me that it was Spielberg’s first feature length film and that it garnered quite a few Rotten Tomato reviews, well I must have a rotten tomato kind of brain as I enjoyed it  and will be looking for a copy of it on that well known internet auction site.   The three leads were Goldi Hawn, William Atherton and above as the kidnapped Texas Ranger, the actor Michael Sacks, kinda goofy in his cowboy boots. A detail, the boots that is, not him being goofy, which added to the wild west feeling of the film. It is based on a true event but a ‘Spielberg-ised’ version. Saddle up and go a searching if you want to know more.

Right I need to wind this entry up as my coffee has gone cold and I have to collect a pair of jeans from the tailors where they’ve been altered, it’s embarrassing when your blue jeans are taller than yourself. My afternoon will be devoted to pulling together the images for the next ebook/print book while the rain falls and 2016 creeps nearer.


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