The travels, musings and thoughts of a man and his camera.

A bit of a gap since the last posting but it has been time well spent, I’ve been on a drive to get all my unedited images sorted out and into order. That’s been helped quite a bit by the appalling weather which has reduced the temptation to go out and about. I can see that it’s raining, I don’t need to go out and get wet to prove it. I’ve also added another title to my range of Kindle e-books and roughed out two more titles. The latest book is the third in my ‘Roaming The Rails’ titles , this series is built around my railway images collection and is beginning to find it’s mark out there. The next two projects I have lined up are a collection of the slightly oddball images that I think everyone has taken over time, the quirky building detail or street name that makes you look twice just to make sure. The other will be a selection of black and white images of a Gothic theme, ruins, architecture etc.  Also in the pipeline or hopefully in the post is the proof copy of a print on demand book of verse and images, this should be with me in the next couple of weeks so my fingers are crossed that I have not made a hash of that. Odd how technology can speed things up and slow them down simultaneously, formating the book took a day, the delivery will take a couple of weeks. Instant digital-ness can breed a certain impatientness.  If this book turns out okay I will look at running a couple of other titles through the same process. Right I think that’s enough babbling from me, back to work time.


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