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Has It Been This Long???

Well well, where has the time gone?? I’ll go and sit in the naughty corner for a few minutes after I’ve posted this. In my defence I will say that I have been busy on the photography front. I’ve expanded my selection of e-books on Amazon to six titles now, with a seventh in progress. It’s an absorbing process which I am glad I made to break into. I find something sublimely satisfying in the creative process, either when going through the selection process with the images I already have on file or setting myself projects and then going out to make the images, part of that challenge is discovering what opportunities are on my own doorstep. Sometimes these expeditions are solo trips, sometimes I go with a friend or friends, another pair of eyes can often spot something that familiarity has clouded over.  So far the majority of titles have been photobooks but I am also a member of a writing group and a longer term project is a book of short stories. These already exist in very rough draughts, having been scribbled up over some years, so the next stage is to go through them and hammer them into some sort of reasonable form so I can pass them around a few friends for comment. A day that passes without me trying to create something is a day wasted that I won’t get back.  Back to the grindstone.

LANCASHIRE. Chorley. Astley Hall. The circular raised be in the walled garden.

LANCASHIRE. Chorley. Astley Hall. The circular raised be in the walled garden.

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