The travels, musings and thoughts of a man and his camera.

32. 27-05-10  Glasgow  The Botanic Gardens Kibble Palace  

Right so here we go. this is my first WordPress blog so let’s see how right or wrong I get it. Hmm doesn’t look too bad so far at two sentences in. I’m Lachlan and I’m a  UK based photographer and sometime writer. Landscapes, architecture, transport and candid street images are my main interests.  I’ve recently begun to publish via Kindle with at the moment one book of verse, and three books of black & white images.

I’m currently working on another book project which has just left the thinking about stage and is entering the ‘just get it done’ stage.  More on the later.

Right, that’s enough for a first post. It’s bad manners to bore people completely on first acquaintance. Lets see if I can press the next button correctly.

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