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SNAPSHOT! Earlestown, A Fleamarket Saturday Morning.

It’s a Bank Holiday Saturday morning, the sun is high in the sky and there’s some traveling to be done. Today’s destination of choice is Shrewsbury, for no other reason than I haven’t been there for a while. I was a little early for the train so I took a look at the regular Saturday Fleamarket. Just to see if I could come away without buying anything. My attic already […]

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EARLESTOWN. At The Friday Market.

If you look back through my blog you’ll notice that I like markets, I really enjoy the buzz and atmosphere of the coming and going, the snatched overheard scraps of conversation and that mix of people moving about. Some are fixed of purpose, list in hand gleam in one eye while the other keeps mind of the wristwatch or clock. While others just idling by and taking it all in, […]

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