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SNAPSHOT. Coffee On Arrival.

Well here I am in Shrewsbury. The Shrewsbury Coffee House to be precise, just a couple of minutes from the station. A warm and friendly place to pass the time waiting for a mate to arrive. You’ll have to excuse me while I finish my coffee. Other Links.

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SNAPSHOT. The Art Of Going Somewhere.

Like the man wrote ( I think ) I sitting at a railway station, gotta ticket for my destination etc. I’m at Chester, destination is Shrewsbury for a meet up with a friend, the G-Man. The journey down to Shrewsbury has long been a favorite one. I’ve driven down a few times but nothing beats sitting in the comfy chair and watching the countryside scroll past, like YouTube on rails. […]

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LOWTHER GARDENS. Flowers in The Sun.

I took a ride out to Lytham at the weekend and what began as an indifferent day blossomed into a glorious afternoon and evening. A favourite spot on my visits, apart from places selling coffee & cake, is Lowther Gardens just off the town centre and home to the lovely Lowther Pavilion theatre. As well as that there are some glorious flowerbeds and at the moment they are putting on […]

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LYTHAM. A Windmill On A Sunny Day.

Well September has arrived and with it a burst of sunshine and warmth. Hopefully the long days will be going out in a golden haze and not a grey, damp mist. I’m taking a break from jam and chutney making, yes my rock and roll lifestyle, with a few hours on the Fylde Coast at Lytham. The town is one of my favourite get away spots,even on a busy day […]

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SNAPSHOT! Piccadilly Station. Saturday Morning Concourse Shuffle.

The days are starting to have their wings clipped by the approach of Autumn’s cool kiss. There’s still time though to be out and about and make the most of the fading year. Buxton in Derbyshire is todays destination of choice, some walking and some photography the order of the day. Other Links.

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