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Well after a bit of a tricky putting together process my latest Kindle book is up and running.  It features images of some of the live bands who have played at a pub, Wigan’s The Tudor House, I used to visit. It started as one of those personal projects that start almost by accident, I was in one evening and the band were particularly good so I took a quick […]

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Getting Stuff Done.

Getting towards the end of the week, quite a satisfying week an image used in a magazine and quite a bit of work done on my next Kindle e-book project, hopefully that will be finished over Easter then that can go live.  Then I can turn back to the rough scratch pad that passes for my ideas book. So far I have four titles on line plus the other freelancing […]

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   Right so here we go. this is my first WordPress blog so let’s see how right or wrong I get it. Hmm doesn’t look too bad so far at two sentences in. I’m Lachlan and I’m a  UK based photographer and sometime writer. Landscapes, architecture, transport and candid street images are my main interests.  I’ve recently begun to publish via Kindle with at the moment one book of verse, […]

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