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SNAPSHOT. Morecambe. Form & Function On The Promenade

I have a liking for the walk along the promenade at Morecambe, especially the stretch from the Battery to Heysham village. The concrete seats and tables always catch my eye, I can never quite decide whether they are really for use or for decoration. Whenever I sit at one of them I half expect to be chased off by an irate gallery attendant. Other Links.

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SNAPSHOT. At Preston, On A Train.

Out and about again, on the train and heading for the coast at Morecambe. There’ll be a stop off at Lancaster because it’s market day and as you know I like markets. And there’s some good coffee places too. There may be cake also. The day continues. Other Links.

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SNAPSHOT. Chester, In The Sun Under The Trees.

The day unfolds, what started out as an unpromising day has blossomed nicely in Chester. The city is a regular go to place, there’s always plenty going on, the area around the Town Hall and market is currently being redeveloped. These things can either end well…….or less so….. See how it goes. Other Links.

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SNAPSHOT. The Art Of Going Somewhere.

Like the man wrote ( I think ) I sitting at a railway station, gotta ticket for my destination etc. I’m at Chester, destination is Shrewsbury for a meet up with a friend, the G-Man. The journey down to Shrewsbury has long been a favorite one. I’ve driven down a few times but nothing beats sitting in the comfy chair and watching the countryside scroll past, like YouTube on rails. […]

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LOWTHER GARDENS. Flowers in The Sun.

I took a ride out to Lytham at the weekend and what began as an indifferent day blossomed into a glorious afternoon and evening. A favourite spot on my visits, apart from places selling coffee & cake, is Lowther Gardens just off the town centre and home to the lovely Lowther Pavilion theatre. As well as that there are some glorious flowerbeds and at the moment they are putting on […]

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