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UK resident, in north west Lancashire. It was time for a career change and a lifelong interest in photography has opened up a new path with new challenges. As well as submissions to photo libraries and magazines I'm also putting together a selection of e-book titles through Amazon Kindle.

    Castle Park . Two Views.

    A thought I always have to ponder when going through my shots at the end of one of my expeditions is whether the final shot works better in colour or black and white. Pre digital it was a case of me carrying two film bodies, one loaded with colour the other generally with my favourite Ilford HP5. Shots were taken with whichever film I felt suited the mood of the […]

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    Heskin. Big Boys Toys.

    This is a picture heavy post but there’s really no other way of giving a true flavour of the event. For the last few years a regular fixture on my calendar has been the Vintage & Steam Rally and Country Fair. Held near the village of Heskin, to the south of Preston in Lancashire. This year’s was the 27th holding of the two day get together of vehicles and agricultural […]

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    Chester. A Canal Walk & The Races.

    Chester is a place I like to dip in and out of. It’s not too far away making it an easy journey by rail from one of my local stations. It’s a city steeped in history, from Roman times onwards to the present day. Each time I go I find another corner, another architectural detail that somehow I had missed before. To keep things a little bit fresh I took […]

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    Manchester. Coffee, Croissant & A Laptop.

    Sometimes I find it more productive just to ease back, relax and do a bit of nothing. Instead of chiselling away at a project that has become a little “sticky” and uncooperative, I just step back and leave it for a while. I know this isn’t a new discovery, I certainly didn’t invent this method but it can be easy to overlook the benefits of pausing things for just a […]

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    Frodsham. A Market Day Stroll.

    Okay, I’m a big kid. I like travelling by rail and there’s a new train service in town. It’s a reopened route that had been mothballed for a quite a few years and it connects the West Coast Main Line with the route out to Chester and North Wales, cutting a corner off the journey into Liverpool from North Wales. This set me thinking, it meant I could get into […]

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    A Short Break In Transmission.

    My blog has been around for about five years now and I think it’s about due a freshen up. I hope to keep as many of the contents, contact details etc as they are, I’m afraid that means it might not get anymore interesting to read but at least it will hopefully be more attractive to look at. The reason for this post is to thank all the people who […]

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