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UK resident, in north west Lancashire. It was time for a career change and a lifelong interest in photography has opened up a new path with new challenges. As well as submissions to photo libraries and magazines I'm also putting together a selection of e-book titles through Amazon Kindle.


I took a walk along a nearby stretch of the Sankey Valley again a few days ago. The world outside is easing into life, winter is gone away and spring is getting into it’s stride as summer approaches. I’ve blogged about the Sankey valley before ( there will be a link below if I remember ). It was the first canal in the country but not built as such. It […]

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HOLYWELL. A Last Walk Around.

To those of you with the stamina to stick with the ramblings of my blog, if you do then thank you. I appreciate your presence out there in the electric fuzz of the internet. If so you might remember that September time 2019 I made a trip out to Holywell in North Wales. As I wrote earlier, because I hadn’t visited the town in such a long while it was […]

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WHITEHAVEN. Faces On The Street.

The place, Whitehaven on the Cumbrian coast. The date March 2009. I have a great liking for this stretch of the UK’s coastline. It’s a journey I’ve made by the coastline hugging rail route quite a few times. From the southern busy-ness of Barrow and it’s shipyards, up past Ravenglass with it’s Roman Fort and miniature railway. Then along the open stretches from Seascale, past Nethertown and its reclaimed houses […]

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KESWICK. Paraffin Alley.

It could almost be a song title. The date is May, 2011. By the dubious magic of my time travelling blog we have landed in the Cumbrian town of Keswick in the “drink in with your eyes gorgeous” Lake District. I admit that this may not be the prettiest part of the town and  I’ll be revisiting with more sumptuous images later but I was intrigued by the name. I […]

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